Deepak Devdas Amin

Date Of Birth

18th July 1984


A2-A-404, BHAKTI, Vidyadaini CHS Ltd., Om Nagar, Near Planet Health, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 099




Passport Details

Passport No.: F8496237
Valid Till : 29/05/2016


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe InDesign

Maya, Corel Draw, Swish Max

HTML, CSS, Microsoft office



3D Movie "JUGNOO" produced by CLIMB MEDIA in Creative Association with FRAMEBOXX training studios Directed by 5 time National award-winning film-maker Kireet Khurana, JUGNOO is an exciting story about a young and tricky magician who arrives in a town under the grip of the most deviously powerful Tantric magician. This film is also India's first horror-comedy genre animation film.


Texture Artist


Since February 2013 till date


Photoshop, Maya

Work Profile

Part of the Jugnoo Production Team as a Texture Artist, my work includes,
  • Mainly preparing textures for movie 3D characters, props and sets, i firstly prepare UV maps of the 3D model in MAYA.
  • Then this UV map is imported to Photoshop and the texture is prepared as per the UV mapping.
  • This work is the soul of the whole texturing work as it includes taking care of not only the texture part, but also giving bump and specular effects which are to make an object livelier and more 3D.
  • Once the texture is ready, it is again taken into MAYA and put on the 3D Model to be textured. Again, we play with different shaders in MAYA to give the right look and feel for that model.
  • Organisation

    Net4uonline Pvt. Ltd
    ., Worli, Mumbai. ( ) Teshwa Games is the trading name of Net4uonline Pvt. Ltd. We are into developing casino games since 2006 and have worked with a number of different operators.

    Job Title

    Senior Designer


    Since November 2006 till date


    PhotoShop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Swish Max, HTML, CSS

    Job Description

  • Visualizing, designing and animation of online Video Slot Games, Conventional Slot Games, Promotional slots, Scratch Ticket Games and other online casino games.
  • Work on Video Slots consists of conceptualizing, storyboarding, illustrating and animating individual symbols, bonus games, banners and different components related to the video slot.
  • Some of these video slots also feature in our IOS app Play Super Slots. They are modified specially to match up standard and specifications of IOS apps.
  • Character Designing, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Flash Animation.
  • Designing online games User Interface, IOS app User Interface.
  • Preparing textures for 3d models and environments.
  • Logo Design.
  • Designing and developing websites, admin web pages.
  • Current Projects

  • Designing Multiplayer Rummy Game named Diamond Rummy which includes the website of the game, Lobby UI and Game UI.
  • Designed Social Graphic User Interface for our in-house product Play Super Slots which features our video slots and other in-house games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc., on Facebook. It's designed to match all aspects of Social Gaming Framework.
    My role includes designing complete UI which has the panel that shows credits, ranks, levels, badges of players, leaderboard, payouts etc., in it, various graphical and animated splash screens, updates and popups, News feeds, Invites, Chat, etc.
  • Designed IOS Graphic User Interface for Gioca7 Poker & Casino Game Platform consisting of lobby and game panel graphics. The buttons and other components are designed taking into consideration the touch area of the various IOS screens to match IOS specifications of preparing a user friendly User Interaction Experience.
  • Overseas Experience

    Visited Netherlands through current company and met the client for discussing the current and upcoming new games

    Game Links

    Client: Reelsoft, Netherlands

    Video Slots:
    Arthurs Quest
    Sea Princess
    Sea Raider
    Dr Alchemix

    Scratch Tickets:
    (Click Games button on bottom left to view all games)

    Client: World Match-E-Gaming Technology, Italy

    Video Slots:
    Polar Adventure
    King Tuts Chamber

    Client: Moeidentityassets, Nigeria

    Job Title

    Graphic Designer


    Kooka Graphics, Andheri(West), Mumbai


    March 2006 to September 2006


    PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash

    Job Description

    Illustrating and branding products on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. Animating products using Flash. The references of the products were sent to us by our clients


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